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1. Staff Selection Commission (S.S.C), Raipur. No. of Post – 21 Name of Post – Junior Chemist, Junior Technical Asst., Storekeeper, Horticulture Asst. etc, Last Date: 18.07.2014 2. Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS), New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 55 Name of the Post – Asst. Software Engineer- 45, Asst. Network Engineer- 15 Last Date: 15.07.2014 3. Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C) No. of Vacancies – 375 Name of the Post – National Defence Academy- 320, Naval Academy- 55 Last Date: 21.07.2014 4. Central Warehousing Corporation, New Delhi. No. of Post – 30 Name of the Post – General Manager (General, F&A), Dy. General Manager (General, F&A), etc, Last Date: 05.08.2014 5. Goa Shipyard Limited, Goa. No. of Vacancies – 10 Name of the Post – Asst. Superintendent (Finance & HR) Last Date: 17.07.2014 6. Directorate General, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. No. of Vacancies- 39 Name of the Post – GDMOS and Specialist Doctors Last Date: 45 days from date of issue of Publication. 7. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd., Kolkata. No. of Vacancies – 33 Name of the Post – Manager, Deputy Manager and Asst. Manager Last Date: 18.06.2014 for Online and 03.07.2014 for Offline. 8. Indian Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Kanpur, U.P. No. of Vacancies – 18 Name of the Post – Pharmacist, Supervisor, L.D.C, Medical Asst., etc, Last Date: 21 days for date of publication for Online and 28 days from date of publication for Offline. 9. National Green Tribunal, New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 23 Name of the Post – Private Secretary, Assistant, Hindi Translator and Stenographer Last Date: 31.07.2014 / ** span>



(Exam Held On: 10-06-2012)

1.   In an earthen pitcher, the water remains cold due to the process of

(a) condensation

(b) evaporation

(c) sublimation

(d) none of the above


2.   Laser is a device for producing

(a)  spontaneous radiation

(b)  dispersed radiation

(c) scattered radiation

(d) stimulated radiation


3.  Pendulum clocks become slow in summer because

(a) days in summer are large.

(b)  of the friction in the coil

(c)  the length of the pendulum increases.

(d)   the weight of the pendulum changes,


4.  Homi Bhabha award is given for special contribution in the field of

(a)  Theoretical Physics

(b)  Nuclear Energy

(c)  Laser Physics

(d) Space Research


5.   Who had proposed for the first time the double helix model of DNA ?

a)  Watson and Crick

b)  Fisher and Haldoni

c) Lam ark and Darwin

d) Hugo de Vries


6.  The full form of SLM is

a) Subscriber’s Identity Module

b) Subscriber’s Identity Machine

c) Self Identity Machine

d) Self Identity Module


7.   Which of the following gets deficient in tha4iuman body due to Dengue fever ?

a)       Platelets

b)      Haemoglobin

c)       Sugar

d)      Water


8.   The most important part of a computer is/

a)       C.P.U.

b)       Key Board

c)       Disc     

d)      Printer


9.  When ice melts, then the

a.       volume increases

b.      volume decreases

c.       mass increases

d.      mass decreases


10.  White colour of  milk is due to the presence of

(a) lactose          



(d) caseins

11.   Match List - 1 with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

                       List -1                                List - II

a.                   Plague                           1. Protozoa

b.                   AIDS                                2. Fungus

c.                   Baldness                        3. Virus

d.                   Malaria                            4. Bacteria

Codes :

                      A                      B                      C                      D

(a)                1                      2                      3                        4

(b)                2                      3                      4                        1

(c)                3                      4                       1                        2

(d)                4                      3                       2                        1


12.        What is MRI ?

a. Magnetic Record of Intestines

b.  Magnetic Recording of Investigations

c.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging

d.  Magnetic Resonance in Intestines


13.        The year 2011 has been marked for the livestock disease named

(a)    Foot mouth disease

(b)  Rinderpest

(c)   Rabies

(d)   Cowpox


14.        Chlorophyll contains

(a)        Iron    

(b)        Copper

(c)         Magnesium

(d)        Manganese


15.        Funk invented

(a) Vitamins

 (b) Hormones

(c)  Proteins

(d)  Enzymes


16.  Who among the following dignitaries were in Delhi in February/March 2012 ? Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  1. Foreign Minister of Norway

  2. Foreign Minister of China

  3. Foreign Minister of Italy

  4. Foreign Minister of Egypt Codes:


  1. 1 and 2 only

  2. 2 and 3 only

  3. 3 and 4 only

  4. 1,2 and 3 only


17. Kamla Prasad Bissessar is the Prime Minister of

a.             Guyana

b.             Jamaica

c.             Madagascar

d.             Trinidad and Tobago

18. What is the name of the luxury cruise ship which capsized near the western co^st of Italy on 13th  January 2012

a.             Costa Allegra

b.         Costa Concordia

c.             Costa Fortuna

d.             Enrica Lexie


19.  Where was the Fifth Summit Conference of 1BSA (Organization of India, Brazil and South Africa) held in 2011 ?

a.       New Delhi                      b.             Pretoria

b.       Brasilia                          d.             Victoria


20. Who was the Chairman of the 13th Finance Commission?

a.             Indira Rajaraman

b.             C. Rangarajan

b.             Vijay Kelkar

d.             None of the above

21. The first Indian State to pass the Lokayukta bill in 2011 is

a.             Uttar Pradesh

b.             Bihar>

c.             Uttarakhand

d.             Jharkhand


22. India has recently signed a Border Pact with which of the SAARC countries ?

a.             Myanmar              b.             Nepal

C.                  China              d.             Bangladesh


23. Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation (2011) has been given to

a.                   Aung San Suu Kyi

b.                   Bill Clinton

c.                   Dalai Lama

d.                   Sheikh Hasina Wajed


24. Which country will host 2014 FIFA World Cup ?

a)                   Brazil

b)                  Argentina

c)                   Canada

d)                  None of the above


25.The Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardee for 2011 is

a.             ZaheerKhan

b.             Gagan Narang

c.             Tejaswini Sawant

d.             Jwala Gutta


26. Who among the following was the Special Guest of India’s Sixty-third Republic Day celebration ?

a.             Yingluck Shinawatra

b.             Thaksin Shinawatra

c.             Angela Markel

d.             Sheikh Hasina Wajed


27. In January 2012 the second DSC Prize for South Asian Literature was awarded to

  1. Amitav Ghosh

  2. H.M.Naqvi

  3. Shashi Tharur

  4. Shehan Karunatilaka

28.  Of which of the following countries Mariyano Rajoy has assumed the office of Prime Minister on 20 December 2011 ?

a.             Kosova

b.             Portugal

c.             Spain     

d.             Ukraine


29. Which country has announced in December 2011 that it will set up its first military base abroad in the Indian Ocean Island of Seychelles ?

(a) China               (b) Japan

(c) Russia             (d) South Korea


30. Where was the 17th SAARC (2011) Conference held ?

(a)           Male                      (b) Dhaka

(c)           Colombo               (d) Addu City

31. Who among the following Journalists has written his autobiography entitled the “Lucknow Boy” ?

  1. Vinod Mehta

  2. Alok Mehta

  3.  Narendra Mohan

  4.  Pritish Nandi


32.  At the 59th National Film Awards, who was declared the best actress ?

  1. Kareena Kapoor

  2. Priyanka Chopra

  3. Rani Mukhei

  4.  Vidya Balan


33. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

                    List - I                                                                    List - II

      (Arjun Awardees of  2011                                      (Gaines they 2011) are associated with

  1. Preeja Sridharan                                                  1. Football

  2. Sunil Chettri                                                          2. Kabaddi

  3. Rakesh Kumar                                                     3. Swimming

  4. Virdhaval Khade                                                   4. Athletics Codes

             A               B             C            D

  1.    4              1              2              3

  2.    1              2              3              4

  3.    4              2              3              1

  4.    3              4              2              1


34.  What is the expected target of development in the ‘vision paper’ of the 12“ Five Year Plan (2012-2017) as accepted by the National Development Council ?

(a) 7%            (b) 8%

(c) 9%           (d) 10%


35.Who among the following won the first Indian “Grand Prix Formula One” car race ?

  1. Adrian Sutil

  2. Narayan Kartikeyan

  3. Sebastian Vittel

  4. Jesson Baton


36.  Who was the only Indian batsman to have hit a century in the recent (2011-12) Indian-Australian Cricket Test Series ?

  1.  Sachin Tendulkar

  2.  Virat Kohli

  3.  Rohit Sharma

  4. Rahul Dravid


37.Which of the following sacred Buddhist place was situated on the river Niranjana ?

a.Bodh Gaya         





38.Who among the following has been conferred Padma Vibhusan in the year 2012?

  1. Anil Kapoor

  2. Homi K. Bhabha

  3. Jose Pereira

  4. K.G. Subramanyan


39.How many women have been elected in the UP Vidhan Sabha elections of 2012






40.Match List - I With List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists:

                  List-I                                                  List-II

        (Harappan Sites)                                 (Locations)

  1. Manda                                                   1. Rajasthan

  2. Diamabad                                             2. Haryana

  3. Kalibanga                                             3. Jammu Kashmir

  4. Rakhigarhi                                            4. Maharashtra Codes :





















41.Match List - 1 with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

List-I                                                      List-II

(Vedic Rivers)                             (Modern Names)

  1. Kubha                                    1 Gandak

  2. Parushni                                2. Kabul

  3. Sadanira                                3. Ravi

  4. Sutudri                                   4. Satluj




























42 Who was the Chola Monarch, who gave complete freed to Sri Lanka and got his daughter married to the Simhala prince ?

(a) Kulottunga      (b) Rajendra I

(c) Adhirajendra   (d) Rajadhirajal I


43.Who among the following are known for their Tclugu translations of the Mahafcharata ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :


2. Kuttan

3. Nannav

4. Tikkan

Codes :

(a)     1,2 only

(b) 2,3 only

(c) 3,4 only

(d) 4, 1 only


44.On whose coins the name of the last Caliph of Baghdad appeared for the first time ?

  1. Qutbuddin Aibak

  2. Iltutmish

  3. Alauddin Khalji

  4. Alauddin Masud Shah


45.Who was the renowned Jain Aeharya, who was greatly honoured by Akbar ?

a.Chandraprabha Suri

b.Hiravijaya Suri




46.Turamaya, a contemporary of Asoka, was the ruler of

(a) Egypt               (b) Corinth

(c) Macedonia      (d) Syria


47.Which of the following Sangam ports were situated on the western coast ? Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  1. Korkai

  2. Puhar

  3. Tondi    

  4. Mushiri

Codes :

(a) 1 and 2 only

(b) 2 and 3 only

(c)3 and 4 only

(d) 4 and 1 only


48.Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

a.                   Karpuramanjari   -- Harsha

b.                   Malavikagnimitra  -- Kalidasa

c.                    Mudrarakshasa  --  Visakhadatta

d.                   Saundarananda  -- Asvaghosha


49.Pundravardhana Bhukti was located in

a.             North Bengal

b.             Bihar

c.             Odisha

d.             Assam


50.Which of the following colleges was the first to be established ?

  1. Hindu College, Calcutta

  2. Delhi College

  3. Mayo College

  4. Muslim Anglo-Oriental college

    51.  Sharada Act fixed the minimum age of marriage of girls and boys respectively as

    a.    12 and 16

    b.     14 and 18

    c.     15 and 21

    d.     16 and 22


    52.Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

    List -1 (Newspaper)                            List- II (Language)

  5. Bharat Mitra                                        1. Bengali

  6. Rashtramata                                        2. Gujarati

  7. Prajamitra                                             3. Hindi

  8. Nayak                                                    4. Marathi

 Codes :






(a) 1




(b) 2




(c) 3




(d) 4








53.Who among the following were Jahangiri painters ?


Select the correct answer for the codes given below :

  1. Abdus Samad

  2. Abul Hasan

  3. Aqa Riza

  4. MirSayyadAli

Codes :

(a) 1 and 2            (b) 2 and 3

(c) 3 and 4             (d) 4 and 1


54.Which one of the following was the Fmperor of India when British East India Company was forafed in London ?

(a) Akbar

(b) Jahangir

(c) Shahjahan

(d) Aurangzeb


55.At the time of Aurangzeb’s death, the Maratha Leadership was in the hands of

(a) Shambhuji

(b) Rajaram


(d) Tarabai


56.Ram Mohan Roy was given the title of Raja by

a.         Lord William Bentinck

b.             Akbar II

c.             Followers of Brahma Samaj

d.             Intellectuals opposing the custom of Sati


57.Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

         List - I                                    List-II

        (Congress                              (Venues of

         Presidents)                           Session)

  1. Dr. M.A. Ansari                    1. Hanpura

  2. Purushottam Das              2.  Kanpur 

  3. Sarojini Naidu                     3. Madras

  4. Subhas Chandra                4. Nasik 

Codes :






















58.Which Act for the first time made it possible for Indians to take some share in the administration of their country ?

a.             Charter Act 1833

b.             Charter Act 1853

c.             Government of India Act 1858

d.             Indian Councils Act 1861


59.A Provisional Government of India with Raja Mahendra Pratap as its President was established during the First World War in


(b) Germany

(c) Singapore

(d) Turkey


60.The National Leader who was elected President (Speaker) of the Central Legislative Assembly in 1925 was

  1. Motilal Nehru

  2. C.R. Das

  3. Vallabhbhai Patel

  4. Vitthalbhai Patel

    61. Who of the following was entrusted with finance portfolio in the ministry formed in U.P after the election of 1937?




    Govind Ballabh Pant


    Rafi Ahmad Kidwai


    Kailash Nath Katju


    Mohammed Ibrahim



    62.Which of the following States of Lndia has the largest area (2010) under tobacco cultivation ?

  5. Uttar Pradesh

  6. Karnataka

  7. Andhra Pradesh

  8. Gujarat


63.In Uttar Pradesh the highest production of Aonla comes from

  1. Rae Bareilly

  2. Pratapgarh

  3. Faizabad

  4. Allahabad


64.Which of the following movements drew women out from the seclusion of home ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  1. Swadeshi Movement

  2. Home Rule Movement

  3. Non-Cooperation Movement

  4. Civil Disobedience Movement

Codes :

a.       1 and 3 only

b.       2 and 4 only

c.        3 and 4 only

d.        1,2, 3 and 4


65.Which of these west flowing rivers flow between two mountain ranges ?

(a) Sharavati

(b) Narmada

(c) Mahi               

(d) Sabarmati


66.Which of the following is correctly matched ?

         (Lakes)                         (Locations)

  1. Lonar     -               Madhya Pradesh

  2. Nakki     -               Gujarat

  3. Kolleru   -               Andhra Pradesh

  4. Pulicat    -               Kerala


67.Which of the following is not a kharif crop ?

  1.  Cotton

  2.  Groundnut

  3. Maize

  4. Mustard


68.Which of the following rivers is called ‘biological desert’ on account of its pollutants ?

  1. Yamuna

  2.  Periyar

  3. Damodar

  4. Mahanadi


69.Most of the production of Natural gas in India comes from

  1. Andhra Pradesh Coast

  2. Gujarat Coast

  3. Bombay High

  4. Tamil Nadu Coast


70.Which one of the following is the main area for producing ‘Tidal Energy’ ?

  1. Gulf of Bengal

  2. Gulf of  Mannar

  3. Gulf of  Khambhat (Cambay)

  4.  Gulf of Kutch

    71.Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

            List - I                                                    List - II

             (Mining Areas)                                    (Minerals)

  5. Gurumahisam                                    1. Lead

  6. Talchar                                                  2. Uranium

  7. Jaduguda                                             3. Iron ore

  8. Zavar                                                     4. Coal

Codes :

                        A            B             C             D

     (a)             3              4              2              1

  1.           3              2              1              4

  2.           2              4              3              1

  3.           1              2              3              4


72. Which of the following ports of India is afi open sea port ?

a.             Haldia

b.             Mumbai

c.             Chennai

d.             Vishakhapatnam


73. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?

a.       Nangal Dam - Satluj River

b.       Sardar Sarovar - Narmada      

c.         Nagaijun Sagar - Godavari

d.       Hirakud Dam - Mahanadi


74. Teak forest is found in which of the following States of India ?

a.       Madhya Pradesh

b.       Uttar Pradesh

c.        Jharkhand

d.       Karnataka


75. Which of the following pairs of countries are around Aral Sea ?

a.       Kazakhastan – Uzbekistan

b.       Kazakhastan – Turkemenistan

c.        Azerbaijan – Uzbekistan

d.       Kazakhstan - Russia


76.Which of the following seas has the highest salinity ?

a.       Caspian Sea

b.       Mediterranean Sea

c.        Red Sea

d.        Dead Sea

77. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of diamond ?

a.     Australia

b.     Venezuela

c.     Russia

d.     Botswana


78.The “Death Valley” in South California, USA is an example of

  1. Anticlinal Valley

  2. Synclinal Valley

  3. Antecedent Valley

  4. Rift Valley


79.Which of the following State is the largest manganese producer in India ?

  1. Maharashtra

  2. Madhya Pradesh

  3. Karnataka

  4. Orissa


80. Which of the following Union Territories has the lowest population density ?

  1. Daman and Diu

  2. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  3. Andaman and Nicobar

  4. Puducheri

    81. Which of the following is the highest Peak in South India ?

  5.  Anai Mudi

  6. Doda Beta

  7. Mahendragiri

  8. Dhupgarh


82. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

a.       Fulani             -               West Africa

b.       Bantu             -               Sahara

c.        Masai             -               East Africa

d.       Nuba              -               Sudan


83.Indian Parliament consists of

  1. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

  2. Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Prime Minister

  3. Speaker and Lok Sabha

  4. President and both the Houses


84. The joint sitting of the House of People and the Council of States is summoned by

a.             The President

b.             Speaker of  Lok Sabha

c.             Parliament

d.             Chairman of Rajya Sabha


85. Money Bill is introduced in

a.             Lok Sabha

b.             Rajya Sabha

c.             Joint sitting of both the Houses

d.             None of the above


86. Who of the following Presidents of India was associated with Trade Union Movement ?

  1. V.V. Gin

  2. N. Sanjiva Reddy

  3. K.R. Narayanan

  4. Zakir Hussain


87. Which of the following is not a temperate grassland  ?

  1. Pampas

  2. Veld

  3. Downs

  4. Savannah


88. The largest proven oil reserve of the world lies in

  1. Venezuela

  2. Saudi Arabia

  3. Iran

  4. Iraq


89. Peanuts are the main crop of

  1. Georgia

  2. Gambia

  3. Ghana

  4.  Guatemala


90.  The correct sequence of the following countries in terms of area in descending order is :

  1. Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India

  2. Australia, Brazil, India, Argentina

  3. Argentina, India, Australia, Brazil

  4. India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia

    91.  The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to which of the following ?

  5. Prime Minister

  6. President

  7. Rajya Sabha

  8. Lok Sabha


92. No money bill can be introduced in the Legislative Assembly of a State, except on the recommendations of

  1. the Parliament

  2. the Governor of the State

  3. the President of India

  4. a Special Committee of Ministers


93. Who amongst ihg following elects the Vice President of India ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  1. Members o f Lok Sabha

  2. Members of Rajya Sabha

  3. Members Legislative Assemblies

  4. Members of Legislative Councils

Codes :

  1. 1 and 2 only

  2. 1 and 3 only

  3. 1,2 and 3 only

  4. 1,2, 3 and 4


94. The Council of Ministers has to resign if a no-confidence motion is passed by a majority of members of

a.             Lok Sabha

b.             Rajya Sabha

c.             Both the Houses separately

d.            Both the Houses in joint sitting


95. State Governor is appointed by

a.       Central Cabinet

b.       Chief Justice of Supreme Court

c.        Speaker of Lok Sabha

d.       President of India


96. The Parliament can legislate on a subject in the State list

a.             by the wish of the President

b.             if  the Rajya Sabha passes such a resolution

c.         under any circumstances

d.             by asking the legislature of the concerned State


97. Fundamental Duties were included in the Constitution of India on the recommendation of

a.       Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

b.       lyenger Committee

c.         Swaran Singh Committee

d.       Thakkar Committee


98. Who has the right under the Constitution to seek the opinion of the Supreme Court on question of law a.     President

                a.              President

                b.             Any High Court

                c.             Prime Minister

                d.             All the above


99. Which of the following are constitutional authorities ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

a.       State Election Commission

b.       State Finance Commission

c.        Zila Panchayat

d.       State Electoral Officer

Codes :

  1.  1 and 2 only

  2. 1, 2 and 3 only

  3. 2, 3 and 4 only

  4. 1, 2, 3 and 4


100. Which among the following functions as a coordinator between the Planning Commission and State Governments ?

  1. National Integration Council

  2. Finance Commission

  3. National Development Council

  4. None of the above

    101. The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India was created

    a.             through an Act of the Parliament

    b.             by the Constitution

    c.             through a Cabinet Resolution

    d.             none of the above


    102. What is the tenure of the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?

    a.       Five Years

    b.       During the pleasure of the .President

    c.        Six years or till the age of 65 years whichever is earlier

    d.       Five Years or till the age of 65 years whichever is earlier


    103. The number of seats reserved for women in Panchayati Raj Institutions in UrP. Is

    a.             one-third of total seats

    b.             in proportion to women’s  population

    c.             one-fourth of total seats

    d.             as per the requirements circumstances


    104. In which one of the following years the Unorganized Workers’ Social Security act was passed ?

    a.             2004

    b.             2006

    c.             2008

    d.             2010


    105. Tendulkar Committee has estimated that in India the* percentage of the population below poverty line is

    a.         27.2

    b.         37.2

    c.         22.2

    d.         32.7


    106. The minimum number of Judges of the Supreme Court required for hearing any case involving  interpretation of the Constitution is

    a.             ten

    b.             nine

    c.             seven

    d.             five


    107. In which of the following cases, Supreme Court held that:

    “Fundamental Rights enable a man to chalk out his own life in the manner he likes best.” ?

    (a)     Indira Gandhi Vs_ Raj Narain

    (b)    Golak Nath Vs. State of Punjab

    (c)    Bank Nationalization Case

    (d)   Azhar Vs. Municipal Corporation


    108. In which of the following cases Supreme Court has held that ‘the Preamble forms part of the Constitution’ ?

    a.        Union of India Vs. Dr. Kohli

    b.       Banarsidas Vs. State of U.P.

    c.        Bommai Vs. Union of India

    d.       Maiak Singh Vs. State of Punjab


    109. In which of the following States Panchayati Raj was introduced first ?

    a.             U.P.

    b.             Bihar

    c.             Rajasthan

    d.             Gujarat


    110. Which among the following States has launched ‘Apna van apna dhan' scheme ?

    a.       Uttar Pradesh

    b.       Madhya Pradesh

    c.        Himachal Pradesh

    d.       Arunachal Pradesh

    111. ‘Swabhiman Scheme’ launched in India is associated with

    a.       Rural women rights

    b.       Rural old people care

    c.        Rural banking

    d.       Rural food security


    112. The largest share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India comes from

    a.       agriculture and allied sectors

    b.       manufacturing. construction, electricity and gas

    c.        service sector

    d.       defence and Public administration


    113. The most common measure of estimating inflation in India is

    a.       Price Index

    b.        Wholesale Price Index

    c.        Consumer Price Index

    d.       Price Index of Industrial Goods


    114. What percentage of the total population of the world resides in India, as estimated in the vear 2011 ?

    a.       15

    b.       17.5

    c.        20          

    d.        22.5


    115. As per the provisional figures of 2011 Census of India, which one of the following States has the highest child sex ratio ?

    a.       Chhattisgarh

    b.        Haryana

    c.        Uttar Pradesh

    d.        Punjab


    116. Which of the following is the most Populous State in India as per the provisional figures of Census of India 2011 ?

    a.       Madhya Pradesh

    b.       Andhra Pradesh

    c.        Odisha

    d.       Uttar Pradesh


    117. A country’s natural capital includes al‘ of the following except:

    a.       Forests

    b.        Water

    c.        Roads

    d.        Minerals


    118. The National Institute for the Visually Handicapped is situated at

    a.       Kolkata

    b.       Dehradun

    c.        Mumbai

    d.       Hyderabad


    119. Who maintains the foreign exchange reserve in India ?

    a.   Reserve Bank oflndia

    b.   State Bank oflndia

    c.     Ministry of Finance, Government of India

    d.     Export-Import Bank of India


    120. Which one of the following countries was the first to adopt family planning programme officially ?

    a.        Brazil

    b.        USA

    c.        India

    d.       China

    121. Which one of the following is the best' source of generating electricity in India from the viewpoint of sustainable development ?

  5. Coal

  6.  Mineral oil and gas

  7.  Hydro-electncity

  8. Atomic energy


122. Sustainable development is a case of inter-generational sensibility in respect of use of

a.             natural resources

b.         material resources

c.             industrial resources

d.             social resources


123. ‘Chipko’ movement was basically against

a.       Water pollution

b.       Noise pollution Deforestation

c.        Deforestation

d.        pollution


124. ‘Eco Mark’ is given to the Indian products that are

a.       Pure and unadulterated

b.       Rich in proteins

c.        Environment friendly

d.       Economically viable


125. Which of the following is not a Greer House gas ?

a.       Carbon dioxide

b.       Methane

c.       Nitrous oxide

d.       Nitrogen


126. Naihati, where according to the Rai Budget 2012-13 a rail coach factor> and museum is to be established, is the birtjrplace of

a.       Rabindranath Tagore

b.       Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya

c.        Subhas Chandra Bose

d.       Swami Vivekanand


127. Which of the following represents the average increase in earth's temperature during the last century ?

a.        0.6 degree Celsius

b.       0.7 degree Celsius

c.        0.8 degree Celsius

d.       0.9 degree Celsius


128. Match List - I with List - II and selec the correct answer from the code given below the lists :

         List - I                                                    List - II

         (Air Pollutant)                                     (Part affected)

  1. Asbestos dust                       1.             Brain

  2. Lead                                       2.             Stomach

  3. Mercury                                 3.             Lung

  4. Carbon                                  4.             Blood stream Monoxide

Codes :



























129. The United Nations Convention on Climate Change ratified by more tha i 50 countries became effective on

a.       March 21, 1994

b.       May 21, 1995

c.        June 21,1996

d.       June 21,1999


130. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?


a.       Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES) Bengaluru

b.      Wildlife Institute of India          - Dehradun

c.       Indian Institute of Forest Management – Kolkata

d.      G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development - Almora

131.        Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :

             List — I                                   List-II

        (Biosphere sites)                  (Year of setting up)

  1. Nilgiri                                      1. 2000

  2. Nanda Devi                          2. 1989

  3. Sunderban                            3. 1988

  4. Kanchanjunga                     4. 1986

               A             B             C             D            

a.            1              2              3              4

b.            4              3              2              1

c.             3              4              1              2

d.            2              3              1              4


132. As an ecosystem, wetlands are useful for which of the following ?

a.       For nutrient recovery and cycling

b.       For releasing heavy metals through absorption by plants

c.        In reducing siltiation of rivers by / retaining sediments

d.        All the above


133. Which of the following countries does not have a global atmosphere watch station to collect data on world temperatures ?

a.        Algeria

b.        Brazii

c.        Kenya

d.       India


134. World Environment Day is celebrated on               ^

a.             December 1

b.             June 5

c.             November 14

d.             August 15


135. Lichens are the best indicator of

a.             air pollution

b.             water pollution

c.             soil pollution

d.             noise pollution


136. The cycling of elements in an ecosystem is called

a.          Chemical cycles

b.         Biogeochemical cycles

c.         Geological cycles

d.         Geochemical cycles


137. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is situated at

a.             Nagpur 

b.             Pune

c.             Lucknow

d.             New Delhi


138. Which of the following substances is/are ozone depleting ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  1. Chlorofluoro Carbons

  2. Halans

  3. Carbon tetrachloride Codes :

a.       1 only

b.       1 and 2 only

c.        2 and 3 only

d.       1,2 and 3


139. The transitional zone between two distinct communities is known as

a.       Ecotype

b.       Ecade

c.       Ecosphere

d.       Ecotone


140. Which of the following regions of India have been designated as biodiversity hot spots ?

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

1.       Eastern Himalaya

2.       Eastern Ghat

3.       Western Ghat

4.       Western Himalaya

Codes :

a.       .4 and 2 only

b.        1 and 3 only

c.        2 and 4 only

d.       3 and 4 only

141. The non-biotic pollutant of underground water is

(a) Bacteria

(b) Algae

(c) Arsenic

(d) Viruses


142. Which one of the following is the most effective factor of coral bleaching ?

a.       Marine pollution

b.       Increase of salinity of seas

c.       Rise in normal temperature of sea-water

d.       Outbreak of diseases and epidemics


143. Which one of the following is correctly

a.       Surface to surface missile

b.       Surface to air missile

c.        Anti-tank missile

d.       Light combat aircraft


144. The reason of mirage is

a.       interference of light

b.       diffraction of light

c.       polarisation of light

d.       total internal reflection of light


145. The colour of light is determined by its

a.       amplitude

b.       wavelength

c.        intensity

d.        velocity


146. Ultrasonics are sound waves of frcauency

a.         greater than 20,000 Hz

b.         less than 10,000 Hz

c.         equal to 1000 Hz

d.         none of these


147. Kaziranga is known for

(a) Rhinoceros

(b) Tiger

(c) Birds     

(d) Lion


148. The maximum biodiversity is found in

(a)                 Tropical rain forests

(b)                 Temperate forests

(c)                 Coniferous forests

(d)                 Arctic forests


149. The minimum area of the land required to completely sustain the life of one person is called his

(a)                 Biota

(b)                 Ecological foot print

(c)                 Biome

(d)                 Niche

150. The most populated desert in the world

a.       Sahara

b.        Gobi

c.        Thar              

d.        Kalahari



Objective 10 questions

1. Why the document you created at home displays with a different font at school?

Because you have a different printer at school than at home Because you have a different monitor at school than at home

font you used at home is not installed on your school computer Because the version of Windows is different

2. Which keyboard shortcut centers selected text?

Ctrl+C Alt+C There is no keyboard shortcut for this operation Ctrl+E

3. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?


4. Which key moves your cursor from one cell to the next in a table?

Tab Shift Enter Ctrl+Enter

5. How many different documents can you have open at one time?

No more that three Only one As many as your computer memory will hold No more than your Taskbar can display

6. In order to email a Word document from within Word:

Go to File/Send To/Mail Recipient Save the file as an email attachment Start Outlook and attach the file while open in Word This is an impossible operation

7. Which keystroke will take you at the beginning or the end of a long document?

Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown Shift+Home and Shift+End Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End The only way is by using the right scroll bar

8. How many margins are on a page?

Two (header and footer) Four (top, bottom, right, left) Two (landscape and Portrait) Two (top and bottom)

9.In order to save a Word document as a web page you need to:

Put the appropriate graphics and links on the document Save the document in simple text format Use your web browser as an editor and save as URL Save as HTML

10. A document in portrait prints:

The same characters per line with the same document in landscape More characters per line than the same document in landscape Less characters per line than the same document in landscape Smaller fonts in order to fit the same amount of characters per line with landscape




1. Femina Miss India World award for 2012 has been awarded to –

Vanya Mishra
Prachi Mishra
SimranKaur Mundi
Crystle Stewart

2. Who among the following is the winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2011? –

Sachin Tendulkar
Saurav Ganguli
Sanjeeva Kumar Singh
Gagan Narang

3. The Mascot of the 2008 Olympic Games was-


4. Which among the following has won 2012 IPL Tournament?

Chennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight Riders
Deccon Chargers
Delhi Daredevils

5. Who has written “Unaccustomed Earth” ?

Jhumpa Laheri
Kiran Desai
Arundhati Roy
Khushwant Singh

6. Which of the following has been selected for best parliamentarian of the year award 2007 ?

Priya Ranjan Das Munshi
Mani Shankar Aiyyar
Sushama Swaraj

7. Duwuri Subbarao's name was in news recently as he has taken over as the Governor of

8. ISRO has launched successfully RISAT-1 satellites through PSLV-C19 on -

15th March,2012
30th March,2012
26th April,2012
4th May,2012

9. Which country was host 15th SAARC Summit in 2008 ?

Sri Lanka

10. Who among the following is the winner of the Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008 of the Women's Single Title ? 

Serena Williams
Venus Wlliams
Maria Sharapova
Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic