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1. Staff Selection Commission (S.S.C), Raipur. No. of Post – 21 Name of Post – Junior Chemist, Junior Technical Asst., Storekeeper, Horticulture Asst. etc, Last Date: 18.07.2014 2. Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS), New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 55 Name of the Post – Asst. Software Engineer- 45, Asst. Network Engineer- 15 Last Date: 15.07.2014 3. Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C) No. of Vacancies – 375 Name of the Post – National Defence Academy- 320, Naval Academy- 55 Last Date: 21.07.2014 4. Central Warehousing Corporation, New Delhi. No. of Post – 30 Name of the Post – General Manager (General, F&A), Dy. General Manager (General, F&A), etc, Last Date: 05.08.2014 5. Goa Shipyard Limited, Goa. No. of Vacancies – 10 Name of the Post – Asst. Superintendent (Finance & HR) Last Date: 17.07.2014 6. Directorate General, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. No. of Vacancies- 39 Name of the Post – GDMOS and Specialist Doctors Last Date: 45 days from date of issue of Publication. 7. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd., Kolkata. No. of Vacancies – 33 Name of the Post – Manager, Deputy Manager and Asst. Manager Last Date: 18.06.2014 for Online and 03.07.2014 for Offline. 8. Indian Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Kanpur, U.P. No. of Vacancies – 18 Name of the Post – Pharmacist, Supervisor, L.D.C, Medical Asst., etc, Last Date: 21 days for date of publication for Online and 28 days from date of publication for Offline. 9. National Green Tribunal, New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 23 Name of the Post – Private Secretary, Assistant, Hindi Translator and Stenographer Last Date: 31.07.2014 / ** span>

M.P. Civil Judge entrance Exam Solved Paper

M.P. Civil Judge entrance Exam Solved Paper

(Held on 27-5-2007

General Studies

1. The Indians celebrated the Inde-pendence Day for the first time on—

(A) January 1, 1930

(B) January 26, 1930

(C) August 15, 1947

(D) January 26, 1950

2. The biggest palace in the world is situated in—

(A) London

(B) Moscow

(C) Jodhpur

(D) Vatican City

3. The famous song ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ was sung by which renowned musician dur-ing Dandi March ?

(A) Mallikarjun Mansur

(B) Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit

(C) Onkar Nath Thakur

(D) Digambar Vishnu Paluskar

4. By which constitutional amend-ment anti-defection provision and tenth schedule was added to the Constitution ?

(A) 42nd (B) 52nd

(C) 61st (D) 65th

5. Normally how many pairs of chromosomes are there in the human body ?

(A) 46 (B) 43

(C) 23 (D) 24

6. Name the largest Lizard in the world—

(A) Gila Monster

(B) Crocodile

(C) Komodo Dragon

(D) Alligator

7. Which of these metals is the best conductor of electricity ?

(A) Lead (B) Silver

(C) Copper (D) Aluminium

8. In which State Thorium is found ?

(A) Madhya Pradesh

(B) Bihar

(C) Kerala

(D) Orissa

9. A clock seen through the mirror shows 3 : 15 O’clock. What is the correct time ?

(A) 8 : 00 (B) 8 : 45

(C) 12 : 20 (D) 12 : 40

10. A certain sum of money was given on loan on simple interest. It trebles in 25 years. What is the rate of interest ?

(A) 10% (B) 8%

(C) 12% (D) 15%

11. What is Gulf Stream ?

(A) A cold current in Atlantic Ocean

(B) A cold current in Pacific Ocean

(C) A warm current in Atlantic Ocean

(D) A warm current in Pacific Ocean

12. The Khajuraho temples were constructed by which dynasty ?

(A) Parmar (B) Chalukya

(C) Chandel (D) Chola

13. A lucky boy has been getting Heads every time in three tosses of the coin. What is the probability that he will get ‘Head’ against in the 4th tossing of the coin ?

(A) (B)

(C) (D)

14. The seat of M.P. Board of Revenue is located at—

(A) Bhopal (B) Jabalpur

(C) Gwalior (D) Indore

15. Synagogue is the place of worship of—

(A) Judaism

(B) Shintoism

(C) Zoroastrianism

(D) Taoism

16. Who was the last emperor of the Moghul Dynasty ?

(A) Bahadur Shah Jafar

(B) Humayun

(C) Shahjahan

(D) Jahangir

17. On the bank of which river Hyderabad city is located ?

(A) Kaveri (B) Mahanadi

(C) Narmada (D) Musi

18. Who constructed Suez canal ?

(A) Robert Pierre

(B) John Cabot

(C) Ferdinand de Lesseps

(D) Tasman

19. The country which had the first official family planning pro-gramme was—

(A) U.S.A. (B) India

(C) Sweden (D) China

20. Anti-tobacco day is observed on—

(A) May 15 (B) May 31

(C) June 5 (D) July 11

21. Which planet has maximum satellites ?

(A) Saturn (B) Jupiter

(C) Venus (D) Mars

22. When a ship enters the sea from a river, then which of the following statements is true ?

(A) It will rise a little

(B) It will sink a little

(C) It will remain at the same level

(D) It may rise or sink a little depending on the material it is made of

23. Which of these was not a film theme ?

(A) Tamas (B) Water

(C) Fire (D) Lajja

24. The first woman to conquer Mount Everest twice belonged to—

(A) U.S.A. (B) India

(C) France (D) U.K.

25. Who was the first Man to set foot on the Moon ?

(A) Yuri Gagarin

(B) Amundson

(C) Roben Pears

(D) Neil Armstrong

26. SAARC is an association of how many South-Asian countries ?

(A) 5 (B) 7

(C) 9 (D) 8

27. Bahai Lotus temple is located at—

(A) Jammu (B) Mandu

(C) Udaipur (D) Delhi

28. A night on Venus consists of how many days on earth ?

(A) 50 days on earth

(B) 180 days on earth

(C) 135 days on earth

(D) 118 days on earth

29. In computer what is the function of MODEM ?

(A) Device that bypasses mes-sages

(B) Device that transmits mes-sage to data centre

(C) Device that eliminates mes-sages

(D) None of the above

30. Who was the last Nawab of Awadh ?

(A) Nasiruddin

(B) Nisiuddaula

(C) Mohammad Ali Shah

(D) Wajid Ali Shah

31. Which ruler of Magadha was contemporary of Buddha ?

(A) Chandra Gupta Maurya

(B) Ajat Shatru

(C) Bimbisara

(D) Mahapadmananda

32. Which state is the largest producer of Red Chillies ?

(A) Punjab (B) Andhra

(C) Rajasthan (D) Karnataka

33. Who are Moplas ?

(A) Tribals of Madhya Pradesh

(B) Tribals of Asom

(C) Muslims of Kerala

(D) Tribals of W. Bengal

34. Among the following which planet takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun ?

(A) Earth (B) Jupiter

(C) Mars (D) Venus

35. United Nations was formed in—

(A) 1945 (B) 1942

(C) 1946 (D) 1940

36. Where was ‘Param 10,000’ deve-loped ?

(A) Bangalore (B) Mumbai

(C) Hyderabad (D) Pune

37. Who was the first Caliph ?

(A) Imam Hussain

(B) Abu Bakr

(C) Sule-i-man

(D) Constantine

38. Who wrote the book ‘Wings of Fire’ ?

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B) Kuldeep Nayyar

(C) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

(D) J. B. Kriplani

39. Which is the National Anthem of India ?

(A) Vande Mataram

(B) Jana Gana Mana

(C) Sare Jahan Se Achchha Hindostan Hamara

(D) Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara

40. ‘Mana’ wildlife sanctuary is located in—

(A) Gujarat

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Asom

(D) Uttar Pradesh

41. What is Albumin ?

(A) Carbohydrate

(B) Vitamin

(C) Protein

(D) Fats

42. Viruses lack in—

(A) proteins

(B) enzymes

(C) nucleic acids

(D) tentacles

43. In whichstate is the Kudremukh iron ore scheme situated ?

(A) Kerala

(B) Karnataka

(C) Tamilnadu

(D) Maharashtra

44. The iron ore mined in Belaidila is exported to which country ?

(A) Japan (B) Russia

(C) England (D) Iran

45. Which river flows into the Arabian sea ?

(A) Godavari (B) Narmada

(C) Tapti (D) Chambal

46. Which of these words is not in the preamble of the Constitution of India ?

(A) Socialist

(B) Public Welfare

(C) Sovereign

(D) Secular

47. Light from the Sun takes so much time to reach the Earth—

(A) 8 seconds

(B) 12 minutes

(C) 8 minutes (Approximately)

(D) 4 minutes

48. pH of pure water is—

(A) 14 (B) 2

(C) 7 (D) 9

49. When was the Indian Communi-cation Satellite INSAT-C3 was launched from Kourou in French Guiana ?

(A) February 28, 2000

(B) May 26, 1999

(C) March 22, 2000

(D) January 24, 2002

50. Keil canal links the following—

(A) North sea and Baltic sea

(B) Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean

(C) Mediterranean sea and Red sea

(D) Mediterranean sea and Black sea

51. Haemophilia is a genetic disease which is caused by—

(A) Fall in Haemoglobin level

(B) Rheumatic heart

(C) Absence of clotting of blood

(D) Fall in number of white blood cells

52. How much percentage of protein is present in Soyabean ?

(A) 30% (B) 40%

(C) 50% (D) 60%

53. Which world renowned Moun-tain Peak is called ‘Sagar Matha’?

(A) Everest

(B) Nanda Devi

(C) K–2

(D) Kanchenjunga

54. ‘Hingul’ in India is found in—

(A) Dachigam Sanctuary

(B) Chhota Nagpur

(C) Ladakh

(D) Kaziranga

55. Who gave the name ‘Indian National Congress’ ?

(A) Dadabhai Naoroji

(B) A.O. Hume

(C) W.O. Bannerji

(D) Dufferin

56. In which country the ‘Three Gorges Dam’ is located ?

(A) U.S.A.

(B) South Africa

(C) Australia

(D) China

57. How manystates have com- mon boundaries with Madhya Pradesh ?

(A) Seven (B) Four

(C) Six (D) Five

58. In an examination 30% of students fail in Maths, 25% fail in English and 15% fail in both subjects. What is the pass percen-tage ?

(A) 45% (B) 55%

(C) 40% (D) 60%

59. Boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated by—

(A) Lord Mountbatten

(B) Sir C. Radcliffe

(C) Sir Stafford Cripps

(D) Lawrence

60. Where among the following, the day and night are equal ?

(A) Tropic of Cancer

(B) Tropic of Capricorn

(C) Equator

(D) Arctic Circle

61. The largest producer of long stapple cotton is—

(A) U.S.A. (B) U.A.E.

(C) Sudan (D) China

62. Who is the President of Inter-national Olympic Committee ?

(A) Lord Kilanin

(B) Sigfrid Edstrom

(C) J. A. Samaranch

(D) Jacques Rogge

63. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of which river ?

(A) Yamuna (B) Ganga

(C) Saryu (D) Gandaka

64. Which is the world’s biggest island ?

(A) Medagaskar

(B) Greenland

(C) New Zealand

(D) Sri Lanka

65. Which is the longest dam in India ?

(A) Bhakra Dam

(B) Hirakund Dam

(C) Sardar Sarovar Dam

(D) Indira Sagar Dam

66. Which gas is used in preparation of Soda Water ?

(A) Carbon Monoxide

(B) Chlorine

(C) Carbon Dioxide

(D) Carbon

67. Mammals which can fly, is—

(A) Whale (B) Bat

(C) Emu (D) Kangaroo

68. Five Year Plans are finally appro-ved by the—

(A) Planning Commission

(B) National Development Council

(C) President

(D) Prime Minister

69. How much %age of nitrogen is present in the Atmosphere ?

(A) 10% (B) 33%

(C) 50% (D) 78%

70. Which of the following is not a freshwater fish ?

(A) Cod (B) Eel

(C) Salmon (D) Trout

71. Who among the following has been Vice-President of India ?

(A) Justice H. J. Kania

(B) Justice Y. V. Chandrachud

(C) Justice M. Hidayatulla

(D) Justice M. N. Venkateche-liah

72. Central Rice Research Institute is located at—

(A) Chennai

(B) Cuttack

(C) Kolkata

(D) Rajendranagar

73. Whichstate in India first started Employment Guarantee Pro-gramme ?

(A) West Bengal

(B) Gujarat

(C) Kerala

(D) Maharashtra

74. Steel ball floats on mercury because—

(A) nothing can sink in mercury

(B) density of mercury is higher than steel

(C) density of steel is higher than mercury

(D) ball cannot float

75. Who constructed Jagannath tem-ple at Puri ?

(A) Narsimh Vurman

(B) Parmeshwar Vurman

(C) Antvurman Chodgang

(D) Aditya Vurman Chodgang

76. Enzymes are made of mostly the following—

(A) fats

(B) proteins

(C) carbonic acid

(D) carbohydrate

77. On which river is the Shivasamu-dram water-fall situated ?

(A) Tungabhadra River

(B) Narmada River

(C) Kaveri River

(D) Chambal River

78. What is an atomic reactor ?

(A) A reservoir of heavy water

(B) Atomic Bhatti in which nuclear fission produces heat

(C) A chemical reservoir

(D) An atom bomb

79. Who is associated with the dis-covery of crystal dynamics ?

(A) J. C. Bose

(B) C. V. Raman

(C) C. Ramanujam

(D) H. J. Bhabha

80. Of the following dances which one is performed by single person ?

(A) Kuchipudi

(B) Bharat Natyam

(C) Odissi

(D) Mohiniattam

81. The intensity of earthquake is measured with a—

(A) Polygraph

(B) Hydrometer

(C) Seismograph

(D) Voltmeter

82. Which of the Pandavas is not the son of Kunti ?

(A) Yudhisthira

(B) Bhima

(C) Arjuna

(D) Nakula

83. Which of thesestates has the least population ?

(A) Sikkim (B) Nagaland

(C) Goa (D) Tripura

84. Where the test-tube baby egg is fertilised ?

(A) Outside the body of mother

(B) In the test-tube

(C) In the testis of male

(D) None of the above

85. Which schedule of Indian Con-stitution contains provision for administration and control of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes ?

(A) 10th schedule

(B) 8th schedule

(C) 2nd schedule

(D) 5th schedule

86. Out of the given pairs of states and tribes, which pair is not correct ?

(A) Asom—Miri

(B) Arunachal Pradesh—Aptani

(C) Madhya Pradesh—Lebada

(D) Nagaland—Konyak

87. A train is running at a speed of 120 km/hour, stopping for 4 minutes after every 80 kms. How long will it take to cover 960 kms ?

(A) 8 hours 43 minutes

(B) 8 hours 44 minutes

(C) 8 hours 40 minutes

(D) 8 hours 56 minutes

88. India is chief exporter of—

(A) Coffee (B) Mica

(C) Silk (D) Jute

89. Who is the first Indian woman to became a Grandmaster in chess ?

(A) S. Meenakshi

(B) S. Vijay Laxmi

(C) Koneru Humpy

(D) Tania Sachdeva

90. Who invented Polio-vaccine ?

(A) Neil Bohr

(B) Jonas Salk

(C) Homi Bhabha

(D) Lord Chelmsford

91. How many Judges are there in International Court of Justice ?

(A) 11 (B) 10

(C) 15 (D) 9

92. Which country’s currency is ‘Kyat’ ?

(A) Thailand (B) Malaysia

(C) Myanmar (D) Israel

93. How many times Brazil has won the ‘FIFA Cup’ ?

(A) 5 (B) 4

(C) 6 (D) 3

94. Where is Dakshin Gangotri loca-ted ?

(A) Garhwal (B) Antarctica

(C) Haridwar (D) Allahabad

95. India’s biggest Botanical garden is located at :

(A) Chennai (B) Bangalore

(C) Jammu (D) Kolkata

96. Who discovered North Pole ?

(A) Capt. Cook

(B) Robert Pierre

(C) Amundson

(D) John Cabot

97. Who is the author of Gita Govinda ?

(A) Banabhatta

(B) Shri Harsha

(C) Jayadeva

(D) Kalidasa

98. What type of weapon Nag is ?

(A) Surface to air missile

(B) Anti-tank guided missile

(C) Air to air missile

(D) Air to surface missile

99. What is the name of Parliament of Israel ?

(A) Folketing

(B) Peoples Assembly

(C) Diet

(D) Knesset

100. ‘Decibel’ is used to measure—

(A) Haemoglobin in blood

(B) Sugar in urine

(C) Sound in atmosphere

(D) Particles in air

Answers with Hints

1. (B) 2. (A)

3. (D) The famous song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram was sung by Digambar Vishnu Paluskar. This song was Mahatama Gandhi’s favourite Bhajan and was sung daily by the Satyagrahis during famous Dandi March.

4. (B) Fifty-second Amendment Act amends the constitution to provide that a Member of Parlia-ment or a State Legislature who defects or is expelled from the party which set him up as a candidate in the election or if an independent member of the House joins a political party before expiry of six months from the date on which he takes seat in the House shall be disqualified to remain a member of the House. The Act also makes suit-able provisions with respect to spilts in and merger of political parties.

5. (C) 6. (C) 7. (B) 8. (C) 9. (B)

10. (B) 11. (C) 12. (C) 13. (A) 14. (C)

15. (A) 16. (A) 17. (D)

18. (C) Construction work of Suez canal began in 1859 under Ferdinand de Lesseps and became operational in 1869 for ships.

19. (B) 20. (B)

21. (B) At present known number of satellites of Jupiter is 112 which is the highest number is solar system.

22. (A) 23. (A) 24. (B) 25. (D) 26. (D)

27. (D) 28. (D) 29. (D) 30. (D) 31. (C)

32. (B) 33. (C)

34. (B) Jupiter takes 11·86 years to complete one revolution around the sun.

35. (A) 36. (D) 37. (B) 38. (C) 39. (B)

40. (C) 41. (C) 42. (B) 43. (B) 44. (A)

45. (B) 46. (B) 47. (C) 48. (C) 49. (D)

50. (A) 51. (C) 52. (D) 53. (A) 54. (A)

55. (b) 56. (D) 57. (D) 58. (D) 59. (B)

60. (C) 61. (A) 62. (D) 63. (C) 64. (B)

65. (B) 66. (C) 67. (B) 68. (B) 69. (D)

70. (A) 71. (C) 72. (B) 73. (D) 74. (B)

75. (C) 76. (B) 77. (C) 78. (B)

79. (B) Sir C. V. Raman discovered crystal dynamics during last part of his life.

80. (B) 81. (C) 82. (D) 83. (A) 84. (B)

85. (D) 86. (C) 87. (B) 88. (B) 89. (B)

90. (B) 91. (C) 92. (C) 93. (A) 94. (B)

95. (D) 96. (B) 97. (C) 98. (B) 99. (D)

100. (C)




Objective 10 questions

1. Why the document you created at home displays with a different font at school?

Because you have a different printer at school than at home Because you have a different monitor at school than at home

font you used at home is not installed on your school computer Because the version of Windows is different

2. Which keyboard shortcut centers selected text?

Ctrl+C Alt+C There is no keyboard shortcut for this operation Ctrl+E

3. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?


4. Which key moves your cursor from one cell to the next in a table?

Tab Shift Enter Ctrl+Enter

5. How many different documents can you have open at one time?

No more that three Only one As many as your computer memory will hold No more than your Taskbar can display

6. In order to email a Word document from within Word:

Go to File/Send To/Mail Recipient Save the file as an email attachment Start Outlook and attach the file while open in Word This is an impossible operation

7. Which keystroke will take you at the beginning or the end of a long document?

Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown Shift+Home and Shift+End Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End The only way is by using the right scroll bar

8. How many margins are on a page?

Two (header and footer) Four (top, bottom, right, left) Two (landscape and Portrait) Two (top and bottom)

9.In order to save a Word document as a web page you need to:

Put the appropriate graphics and links on the document Save the document in simple text format Use your web browser as an editor and save as URL Save as HTML

10. A document in portrait prints:

The same characters per line with the same document in landscape More characters per line than the same document in landscape Less characters per line than the same document in landscape Smaller fonts in order to fit the same amount of characters per line with landscape




1. Femina Miss India World award for 2012 has been awarded to –

Vanya Mishra
Prachi Mishra
SimranKaur Mundi
Crystle Stewart

2. Who among the following is the winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2011? –

Sachin Tendulkar
Saurav Ganguli
Sanjeeva Kumar Singh
Gagan Narang

3. The Mascot of the 2008 Olympic Games was-


4. Which among the following has won 2012 IPL Tournament?

Chennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight Riders
Deccon Chargers
Delhi Daredevils

5. Who has written “Unaccustomed Earth” ?

Jhumpa Laheri
Kiran Desai
Arundhati Roy
Khushwant Singh

6. Which of the following has been selected for best parliamentarian of the year award 2007 ?

Priya Ranjan Das Munshi
Mani Shankar Aiyyar
Sushama Swaraj

7. Duwuri Subbarao's name was in news recently as he has taken over as the Governor of

8. ISRO has launched successfully RISAT-1 satellites through PSLV-C19 on -

15th March,2012
30th March,2012
26th April,2012
4th May,2012

9. Which country was host 15th SAARC Summit in 2008 ?

Sri Lanka

10. Who among the following is the winner of the Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008 of the Women's Single Title ? 

Serena Williams
Venus Wlliams
Maria Sharapova
Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic