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1. Staff Selection Commission (S.S.C), Raipur. No. of Post – 21 Name of Post – Junior Chemist, Junior Technical Asst., Storekeeper, Horticulture Asst. etc, Last Date: 18.07.2014 2. Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS), New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 55 Name of the Post – Asst. Software Engineer- 45, Asst. Network Engineer- 15 Last Date: 15.07.2014 3. Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C) No. of Vacancies – 375 Name of the Post – National Defence Academy- 320, Naval Academy- 55 Last Date: 21.07.2014 4. Central Warehousing Corporation, New Delhi. No. of Post – 30 Name of the Post – General Manager (General, F&A), Dy. General Manager (General, F&A), etc, Last Date: 05.08.2014 5. Goa Shipyard Limited, Goa. No. of Vacancies – 10 Name of the Post – Asst. Superintendent (Finance & HR) Last Date: 17.07.2014 6. Directorate General, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. No. of Vacancies- 39 Name of the Post – GDMOS and Specialist Doctors Last Date: 45 days from date of issue of Publication. 7. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd., Kolkata. No. of Vacancies – 33 Name of the Post – Manager, Deputy Manager and Asst. Manager Last Date: 18.06.2014 for Online and 03.07.2014 for Offline. 8. Indian Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Kanpur, U.P. No. of Vacancies – 18 Name of the Post – Pharmacist, Supervisor, L.D.C, Medical Asst., etc, Last Date: 21 days for date of publication for Online and 28 days from date of publication for Offline. 9. National Green Tribunal, New Delhi. No. of Vacancies – 23 Name of the Post – Private Secretary, Assistant, Hindi Translator and Stenographer Last Date: 31.07.2014 / ** span>

UGC-Net/jrf and lectureship Examination 2008 Solved Paper

UGC-Net/jrf and lectureship Examination 2008

Solved Paper

Commerce Paper-II

1. Which of the following is/are component(s) of economic envi-ronment ?

(A) Economic System

(B) Economic Policy

(C) Economic Conditions

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

2. Mixed economic system con-sists—

(A) Public Sector

(B) Private Sector

(C) Mixed Sector

(D) Co-operative Sector

(E) All of these

3. The Indian Companies Act came into force from—

(A) 1956 (B) 1960

(C) 1970 (D) 1990

(E) 1991

4. VAT stand for—

(A) Value Added Tax

(B) Valuable Assessment Tax

(C) Value Added Type

(D) Value Act Tax

(E) None of these

5. The Current Account of BOP includes—

(A) Travel

(B) Transportation

(C) Investment Income

(D) Transfer of Payment

(E) All of these

6. Assets = Liabilities is—

(A) Cost Concept

(B) Dual Aspect Concept

(C) Going Concern Concept

(D) Accrual Concept

(E) None of these

7. Goodwill is a—

(A) Real Account

(B) Nominal Account

(C) Personal Account

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

8. Nominal Account is—

(A) Patent A/c

(B) Ram A/c

(C) Salary A/c

(D) Prepaid A/c

(E) Goodwill A/c

9. Cash is a—

(A) Current Assets

(B) Current Liabilities

(C) Fixed Assets

(D) Fixed Liabilities

(E) All of these

10. Sales – Variable Cost = ?

(A) Profit

(B) Cost

(C) Contribution

(D) Loss


11. Market structure includes—

(A) Perfect Competition

(B) Perfect Monopoly

(C) Monopolistic Competition

(D) Oligopoly

(E) All of these

12. Stackelberg’s Model is related with—

(A) Oligopoly

(B) Cost

(C) Marketing

(D) Pricing

(E) None of these

13. Goods that are often used together are called—

(A) Complements

(B) Substitutes

(C) Main

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

14. TCn – TCn – 1 = ?

(A) Marginal Cost

(B) Sales

(C) Profit

(D) Loss

(E) Fixed Cost

15. Fixed cost is—

(A) Salary (B) Material

(C) Wages (D) Fuel

(E) All of these

16. The Random Sampling Method consists—

(A) Simple Random Sampling

(B) Restricted Random Sampl-ing

(C) Acceptance Sampling

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

17. Low degree positive correlation is—

(A) + 1

(B) – 1

(C) Between 0 to 0·25

(D) + 2

(E) None of these

18. The Theory of Probability can be computed by—

(A) P = (B) P =

(C) P = (D) P =

(E) P =

19. The unknown and unlimited number of units are known as—

(A) Finite population

(B) Infinite population

(C) Sampling errors

(D) Correlation

(E) All of these

20. The process of management covers—

(A) Planning

(B) Organising

(C) Commanding

(D) Co-ordination

(E) All of these

21. Who is the author of ‘General and Industrial Administration’ ?

(A) Mary Parker

(B) Henry Fayol

(C) Peter F. Drucker

(D) C. I. Bernard

(E) Douglas Mc-Gregor

22. Which of the following is/are type of plan ?

(A) Policies

(B) Procedure

(C) Rules

(D) Strategies

(E) All of these

23. Which of the following decisions are made with regard to routine and recurring problems which require structured solution and which can be arrived at with the help of operating procedures and processes determined in advance ?

(A) Programmed decisions

(B) Non-Programmed decision

(C) Strategic decision

(D) Tractical decision

(E) All of these

24. Which of the following is not internal sources of recruitment ?

(A) Promotion

(B) Contractors

(C) Transfer

(D) Trainees

(E) Extension of service

25. Who classified human needs into five categories ?

(A) Mc-Gregor

(B) Maslow

(C) F. L. Breach

(D) Carool Shartle

(E) Mc-Farland

26. Customer orientation is—

(A) Marketing concept

(B) Management concept

(C) Financial concept

(D) Accounting concept

(E) All of these

27. Which of the following is/are Socio-economic forces ?

(A) Customer

(B) Competition

(C) Substitute

(D) Tradition

(E) All of these

28. Marketing comprises—

(A) Buying

(B) Selling

(C) Accounting

(D) Financing

(E) Buying and selling

29. The primary buying motives includes—

(A) Food and Drink

(B) Comfort

(C) Social approval

(D) Superior

(E) All of these

30. A brand is a—

(A) Name (B) Term

(C) Symbol (D) Design

(E) All of these

31. PLC means—

(A) Product Life Cycle

(B) Product Life Cost

(C) Price Long Cost

(D) Price Long Control

(E) Product Life Control

32. Financial management is the application of planning and control function to the—

(A) Accounting

(B) Management

(C) Finance

(D) Marketing

(E) Economic

33. Equity Capital < Loan Capital indicates—

(A) Under Capitalisation

(B) Over Capitalisation

(C) Low Gear

(D) Low Gear and Under Capi-talisation

(E) All of these

34. Which of the following is/are element(s) of optimum capital structure ?

(A) Minimum cost of capital

(B) Minimum risk

(C) Flexibility

(D) Maximum profit

(E) All of these

35. The pay back period method may be used for—

(A) Cost of Capital

(B) Capital Budgeting

(C) Budgeting

(D) Fund flow

(E) All of these

36. Working capital turnover can be computed by—






37. The difference of current assets and current liabilities is known as—

(A) Working capital

(B) Liabilities

(C) Profit

(D) Loss

(E) Expenses

38. An operating cycle method includes—

(A) Raw material

(B) Finished goods

(C) Debtors

(D) Cash

(E) All of these

39. When the borrowings are more than the capital stock, a company is said to be—

(A) Trading on equity

(B) Trading on thin equity

(C) Trading on thick equity

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

40. Stock is a—

(A) Current liabilities

(B) Current assets

(C) Fixed liabilities

(D) Fixed assets

(E) All of these

41. Which of the following is/are type of ‘Test’ ?

(A) Mental Ability Test

(B) Interest Test

(C) Aptitude Test

(D) Personality Test

(E) All of these

42. Incentive Plan is—

(A) Halsey Plan

(B) Job Analysis

(C) Compensation

(D) Training Plan

(E) All of these

43. Job redesign is a technique of enriching the Job characteristics with a view to improving the quality of—

(A) Work life

(B) Product life

(C) Service life

(D) All of these

(E) None of these

44. The motivator of Hygiene factor is/are—

(A) Achievement

(B) Recognition

(C) Responsibility

(D) Growth

(E) All of these

45. The modern Theories of Motiva-tion is not includes—

(A) Human Relation Theory

(B) Path Goal Theory

(C) Z-Theory of Urwick

(D) Net Assets Theory

(E) All of these

46. The Banking Regulation Act introduced on—

(A) 1940 (B) 1941

(C) 1949 (D) 1950

(E) 1951

47. The Bank of Venice, founded in—

(A) 1150 (B) 1157

(C) 1190 (D) 1912

(E) 1930

48. The Private Bank is—

(A) ICICI Bank


(C) UCO Bank

(D) Bank of Baroda

(E) All of these

49. Which one of the following is Central Bank of India ?

(A) Reserve Bank of India

(B) State Bank of India

(C) Punjab National Bank

(D) ICICI Bank

(E) UCO Bank

50. The ……… Commission sugges-ted the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India to act as a Central Bank.

(A) Rajiv Gandhi

(B) Hilton Young

(C) Reddy’s

(D) Rangrajan

(E) None of these

Answers :

1. (d) 2. (e) 3. (a) 4. (a) 5. (e)

6. (b) 7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (a) 10. (c)

11. (e) 12. (a) 13. (a) 14. (a) 15. (a)

16. (d) 17. (c) 18. (a) 19. (b) 20. (e)

21. (b) 22. (e) 23. (a) 24. (b) 25. (b)

26. (a) 27. (e) 28. (e) 29. (e) 30. (e)

31. (a) 32. (c) 33. (a) 34. (e) 35. (b)

36. (b) 37. (a) 38. (e) 39. (c) 40. (b)

41. (e) 42. (a) 43. (a) 44. (e) 45. (d)

46. (c) 47. (b) 48. (a) 49. (a) 50. (b)




Objective 10 questions

1. Why the document you created at home displays with a different font at school?

Because you have a different printer at school than at home Because you have a different monitor at school than at home

font you used at home is not installed on your school computer Because the version of Windows is different

2. Which keyboard shortcut centers selected text?

Ctrl+C Alt+C There is no keyboard shortcut for this operation Ctrl+E

3. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?


4. Which key moves your cursor from one cell to the next in a table?

Tab Shift Enter Ctrl+Enter

5. How many different documents can you have open at one time?

No more that three Only one As many as your computer memory will hold No more than your Taskbar can display

6. In order to email a Word document from within Word:

Go to File/Send To/Mail Recipient Save the file as an email attachment Start Outlook and attach the file while open in Word This is an impossible operation

7. Which keystroke will take you at the beginning or the end of a long document?

Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown Shift+Home and Shift+End Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End The only way is by using the right scroll bar

8. How many margins are on a page?

Two (header and footer) Four (top, bottom, right, left) Two (landscape and Portrait) Two (top and bottom)

9.In order to save a Word document as a web page you need to:

Put the appropriate graphics and links on the document Save the document in simple text format Use your web browser as an editor and save as URL Save as HTML

10. A document in portrait prints:

The same characters per line with the same document in landscape More characters per line than the same document in landscape Less characters per line than the same document in landscape Smaller fonts in order to fit the same amount of characters per line with landscape




1. Femina Miss India World award for 2012 has been awarded to –

Vanya Mishra
Prachi Mishra
SimranKaur Mundi
Crystle Stewart

2. Who among the following is the winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2011? –

Sachin Tendulkar
Saurav Ganguli
Sanjeeva Kumar Singh
Gagan Narang

3. The Mascot of the 2008 Olympic Games was-


4. Which among the following has won 2012 IPL Tournament?

Chennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight Riders
Deccon Chargers
Delhi Daredevils

5. Who has written “Unaccustomed Earth” ?

Jhumpa Laheri
Kiran Desai
Arundhati Roy
Khushwant Singh

6. Which of the following has been selected for best parliamentarian of the year award 2007 ?

Priya Ranjan Das Munshi
Mani Shankar Aiyyar
Sushama Swaraj

7. Duwuri Subbarao's name was in news recently as he has taken over as the Governor of

8. ISRO has launched successfully RISAT-1 satellites through PSLV-C19 on -

15th March,2012
30th March,2012
26th April,2012
4th May,2012

9. Which country was host 15th SAARC Summit in 2008 ?

Sri Lanka

10. Who among the following is the winner of the Wimbledon open Tennis Tournament 2008 of the Women's Single Title ? 

Serena Williams
Venus Wlliams
Maria Sharapova
Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic